Welcome To my Site!

My name is Alan and I build websites and more. I work freelance and to your budget whether it is big or small.

Services I Provide

Web Design

Allthough I am a developer I also design sites, you are looking at one now. You can also swing by here ag1design old home and check out some more.


What is SEO I hear you scream, well basically if your site has good SEO then more people will find it, in an ideal world your site design and build would have taken this into account just like all of mine, but just incase it hasn't then scream no more get in touch and I can give your existing site the full BuiltByMonkey SEO treatment .


Already have your perfect site design and layout done in Photoshop but not sure where to go from there, well the hunt is over. This is one of my specialist areas that I do quickly and with great attention to deatail.

More services

Being freelance gives me great opportunities to work on some amazing projects pushing my abilities to the limit and forcing me to learn new skills. Just because it isn't listed here does not mean it's not in my tool box.

Why Choose Me?

  • Reliable: This Recent Exetershortsfilmfest project delivered in 1 week from initial meeting.

  • Experienced in many coding Languages.

  • Allways looking forward to the next challenge.